About Me

I'm a High School Mathematics Teacher who is on a journey to find financial freedom through the generation of wealth


Hi Friends! I’m so glad that you stopped by! 

My name is Kyle and I’m the Invested Teacher.

Crazy name, right?

Well, as crazy as it might sound, I am exactly that: an Invested Teacher.

Some people wonder what I mean by that.

Some wonder if I’m…

  • a financial coach or guide who enjoys teaching others how to invest their hard earned savings?
  • a teacher who is really invested in teaching students? or,
  • a teacher who invests his own earnings to build welath?

Well, which is it?

If you guessed all of the above, then you’d be correct.

That is because I’m a secondary mathematics teacher who is about 15 years into my own financial freedom journey and I’m always eager to learn something new.

I’m also extremely invested in teaching mathematics – so much so that I am now a K-12 Mathematics Consultant for a school district in Ontario, Canada and even have an online professional development company that I co-founded with a good friend and colleague with hundreds of monthly participants in our online courses and membership site.

Finally, I am extremely fascinated by money management, investing, and wealth building and I’m always eager to get into discussions with family and friends to learn and share what I can.


My approach to taking control of my financial freedom starts with investing in cash flowing real estate, then building a safe and strong stock portfolio, to generate enough cash flow to live on.

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